Our journey has involved every facet of cycling. From the local club criterium to bringing home an Olympic medal, from running major tours and fondos, to being at the forefront of bespoke retail experiences in Australia. Truly a life of cycling.
We have been fitting, designing and delivering high-end, award-winning hand-built bicycles from the world's most celebrated builders for nearly 20 years.
All of this first-hand experience has fueled us to follow a new path. One not yet ridden. Taking carbon fibre to a new dimension.
This is our search for Sugarloaf.


Like most, the dream started as a child with a BMX but it really gained focus after leaving school. Steve bought his first road bike then wasted no time absorbing the cycling culture. He learnt the trade, not only on the bike but off. He worked hard in the local bike shop through the week, and raced hard all weekend. 

In a short matter of time he reached the professional ranks on the road and raced for Australia on the track. A dream realised, all be it brief. His time abroad and exposure to bespoke brands gave birth to a new found passion and a life after racing began to take shape. Dreams became obsessions and this gave birth to Crankstar Bespoke. 

Drawing from his experiences afield, Crankstar brought new customer experiences based on the love for cycling culture. A rich tapestry of beautiful products and lasting relationships. Crankstar worked hand in hand with some of the world's most celebrated builders and in the process helped shape the bespoke retail landscape. The experience helped solidify himself as an expert in frame materials, and refined his knowledge around geometry and fit.


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